5 Days in Mountain Biking in Tuscany Coast

5 guided Bike Tour package
To see all the routes that we have planned for you, book this offer now!
Our tours are divided into half day tours (4 hours) or 1 full day (6 hours) depending on the distances to be travelled and the route’s degree of difficulty and commitment required.

Weekly Schedule:
1st day tour 4 hrs. BARATTI TOUR
2nd day tour 4 hrs. PROMONTORY ENDURO TOUR
3rd day tour 6 hrs. CAMPIGLIA TOUR
4th day tour 4 hrs. ETRURIA TOUR
5th day tour 6 hrs. CALAVIOLINA TOUR

Package Price: Euro 180.00 per person



Tours organized by: Immobiliare Milanese 2006 s.r.l – Via Venturi 1/b – 51100 Pistoia – P.Iva 01589400470